Me In 30 Seconds:

I live by several mantras; I ain’t afeared of no man nor ghost. I don’t take no for an answer, no prisoners, and no crap from no one. When I foresee or detect any trouble, I proceed to kick butt, and stack’em 10 high.

Me in 300 seconds – If you are a slow reader

I like to have fun while working hard, and love God, family, technology, people, art, music and bicycling. I love self-deprecating humor, and the other kinds–if there are any.

I’m one of those rare people with a weird balance of being both left and right-brained. I play well with others, remain calm in emergencies, and am a top performer whether alone or working with a team.

I’ve never been one to just sit on their laurels (whatever those are) waiting for things to happen. I enjoy working with people, learning new things, and engineering cool solutions. Check out this page for recruiting information.

A lot of what I do each day, is help others not shoot themselves in the foot, or shoot other people’s feet (aka minimize risk) by understanding people and technology.


cissp gpen gcsa old redhat certs


This is a blog I have migrated around from different platforms since 2004. It went like this if I recall correctly:

  • blogspot
  • Openshift/Wordpress/MySQL
  • Openshift/Ghost/MySQL
  • Openshift/Github pages/Jekyll
  • Netlify/Github pages/Jekyll/LetsEncrypt