∆ Alt-J and Fleetwood Mac

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Alt-J, also pronounced “∆”, is a fun, unique band from the UK. The singer sounds like Kermit the Frog took too much melatonin, and can’t wake up all the way. Definitely not everyone’s cup o’ tea, but you don’t come here to listen to what everyone else does.

Their whole KEXP performance is worth a good listen.

Fleetwood Mac

I’ve had this song stuck in my head lately by Fleetwood Mac. I haven’t listened to too much of their music other than the infamous “landslide” song. One thing that stands out to me about their band member, Stevie Nicks, is that she is Carrie Fisher’s doppelgänger. This one, called “Never Going Back Again is a great acoustic guitar-sounding track.

Have a great Friday everyone!