I’ve started testing (again) Blender, the Open Source 3d animation software. It is pretty sweet. I’ve tested it out before, but coming from 3d studio max, and being off the “scene” for a while, it feels like starting over. A lot of it comes back like riding a bike with vertices, polygons, faces, nurbs, rendering, shading, mapping, etc. It will be a while to become as proficient as I once was. -If i can keep it up. We’ll see.
Here is a box I was messing with while starting out

<p>Notable artists using Blender as their main or only tool are</p>
<li>Andreas Goralczyk (@ndy), winner of two subsequent Suzanne Blender Awards (2003 - Best Animation, 2004 - Best Still)</li>

<li>Stefano Selleri (S68) (Suzanne Blender Awards 2003 - Best Still)</li>
<li>Bassam Kurdali (slikdigit) (Suzanne Blender Awards 2004 - Best Animation)</li>
<li>Bastian Salmela (basse)</li>
<li>Endre Barath (endi)</li>
<li>Jean-Sébastien Guillemette (Ecks, formerly X-WARRIOR)</li>
<li>Robert Tiess (RobertT)</li>