tmux tutorials

tmux in 30 seconds! I wanted to do some quick video tutorials on using tmux. Check 'em out an let me know what you think: http: »

Grossest Halloween Ever

Although Halloween is over, the holiday had given my grey matter a good jogging. It brought back some memories of when I was but a wee »

Compiling Mutt With Slang

I needed to compile the mutt e-mail client with slang so my colors would work correctly. This is how it's done: wget -O /tmp/mutt-1.5. »

qemu & physical disk

Just messing around with quemu, and needed to install a VM easily onto a physical disk. The magic command was this: sudo qemu-system-x86_64 -m 2048 »


I re-created my art page. I also added these images to my blog cover image. Here is "a little taste of »